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CBD Vape Shot 1000mg


CBD Vape Shot 1000mg

CBD Vape Shot is a 2ml concentration of CBD to be used as an additive for all vaping liquids, available in 1000mg strength. Created for those looking for a bioavailable CBD, ready to be added to your favourite vape liquid flavour 

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice. Full spectrum CBD is the part of the hemp plant procesed naturally along with the Terpenoids and other natural elements. The benefit of full spectrum Canabidiol is that it contains the essential oils and isoprenes that create the entourage effect. 

Such a concentrated CBD eliquid shot in a small bottle means you may want to use the juice a little more sparingly, but that's okay, it is highly packed with CBD from a full spectrum CBD source. Add a couple of drops to your normal tank of eliquid. For best results, we suggest using it with a zero nicotine eliquid. This means adding one tenth of the bottle to a 2ml tank, gives the vaper 100mg of CBD. This is a strong dose and will help you gauge your needs of CBD. Reports say that only high doses of CBD are effective. If this is the case, then this CBD shot is perfect for those looking to identify if CBD can help with their pain. 

CBD is considered by some to be beneficial for anxiety, inflammation and fatigue. If those are your reasons for looking at CBD oils, then this ful spectrum CBD vape shot is a perfect place to start.


In the box
  • This package contains a 2ml CBD additive at 200mg strength to be added to any e-liquid.
  • CBD Vape Shot 1000mg.


CBD Vape Shot 1000mg