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Gorilla Glue CBD eliquid Pods 5% | Juul Compatible

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GG CBD eliquid Pods 5% | Can work with Juuls 

Gorilla Glue CBD e liquid containing broad spectrum distillate, terpenoids and all derived in this case, from the award winning Cannabis strain: "GG".

This pack contains three pods, which are filled with the included bottle, to produce:

  • 3 x 0.7ml pods
  • 1 x 3ml bottle containing CBD Ejuice
  • Each pod contains 35mg CBD
  • Each pod when filled contains 5% Concentration CBD 3% Terpenes
  • Pods are environmentally friendly and can be refilled
  • Pods are good for 5-10 refills each before disposal
  • 0.2% or lower THC | EU Legal

How do I refill the pods after this order?

The pack contains a thin tipped plastic bottle. Each pod has a peel back rubber stopper. You insert the needle tip into the pod and fill, then reseal. 

If you have used all available CBD included in the pack, you may buy bottles on their own without pods from our CBD Shop here.

What is GG famous for?

Beta caryophyllene (30%) Limonene (20%). Myrcene (17%), Humulene (10%), Alpha-Bisabolol (5%) and linalool (3%) make up the most present terpenes in this INDICA strain.

FRAGRANCE: Earthy, Pine and Fuel

EFFECT: Soothing, euphoric, extreme couch-lock and heavy