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Riot Squad Eliquids

Riot Squad Eliquids

Riot Squad Eliquids are a UK brand based in the South of the UK. A small close knit team with constant plans for global domination. If you like to support a UK brand, then you could do worse than support this anti-corporate lot. Riot Squad support many a small vape shop around the United Kingdom and are often seen hanging out the back of a converted riot van.

Are Riot Squad Ejuice good?

Riot Squad vape juices have won a hatful of awards for their flavour range and just for generally disrupting the party at vape exhibitions. Notable standout e-liquids in their range are:

  • Beaky Blue | Now called Blue Burst
  • Punk Grenade's Apple Grenade
  • Black Edition
  • Peach Iced Tea
  • Iron Bruise
  • Tropical Fury
  • Cola Cooler

What is Riot Squad Vape Juice Hybrid Nic Salts?

What are hybrid nic salts? Great question and Riot Squad was for us the first company that brought it to our attention. Essentially it's where half the nicotine is from conventional throat hit style nicotine, while the other half is nic salt. This means with Riot Squad you get a higher dose of the stimulant but with a throat hit. Why is that a good thing? Well many vapers like the nic salt style eliquid but find it doesn't connect that they are vaping 20mg as there is no throat hit.

Why is a throat hit with Riot's Hybrid Salts a good thing?

Getting that throat hit better mimicks smoking and makes Riot Squad Hybrid salts a clever way to kick the habit and enjoy vaping. Want to check out their hybrid eliquids? well browse on.