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VPR E-liquid

From the team at Darkstar, comes VPR E-liquid. A 100ml shortfill, high VG vape juice. VPR zero nic eliquid comes in a range of flavours, with a standard higher than most. 

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All VPR vape juices are made to 100ml of ejuice, filled into a 120ml bottle. This means there is sufficient space to add two nicotine shots, to make up to 3mg strength.

  • vpr gummy bear

    VPR | Gummy Bear Blood | 100ml


    VPR Gummy Bear Blood 100ml Enjoy the fruity and fresh orange flavour with the classic gummy bear undertones. This high VG eliquid comes as 0mg, wit...

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How popular are VPR Ejuices?

Something you may expect from a maker of DIY concentrate flavours, these are a pretty popular eliquid option. The price point is also very attractive, with a cost per ml of 15p. This makes it one of the best for it's value e-liquids on the market, that is backed by such a big name.

How do I get 3mg VPR vape liquid?

In it's manufacturer supplied format it is a zero nicotine vape juice. This means it contains, flavouring, VG, PG and no nicotine. If you want to add a touch of nicotine to the vape juice, you will need to select the 3mg option at the product page.