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Doozy Vape Co - Cool Crush


Doozy Vape Co - Cool Crush

Introducing Cool Crush by Doozy Vape Co.. A delightful Blue Raspberry Slush and subzero flavour, leaving you feeling like you've just had a sweet blue Slush Puppy. Don't miss out, buy today from Vape and Juice UK, the UK's local vape shop.

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice.


Adding a nic shot

Cool Crush is a shortfill bottle and we all know what that means...Nic Shots! If you're looking to get that rush of nicotine but are unsure how to add it, then why not watch our YouTube video explaining the best way to add one?



  • 60ml bottle filled to 50ml - 0% Nicotine
  • 70% VG


Doozy Vape Co - Cool Crush