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Couples Vape Kit


Couples Vape Kit.

Trying to get a loved one to quit smoking too? Why not take the plunge together with this double vape kit bundle! From respected brand Aspire comes the Nautilus all in one kit (Nautilus AIO). This is a discreet, robust and versatile piece of kit. Featuring an adjustable airflow meaning you can use a wider range of E-Liquids and set the "drag" type to the one you like best. A true customisation experience These vape kits also include a lid which helps avoid leaking as well as dust and dirt getting in your vapes mouthpiece.

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice.


  • Full box of spare coils
  • Two Nautilus AIO Devices 
  • Pear drops - Vampire Vape
  • Heisenberg - Vampire Vape
  • Pinkman - Vampire Vape
  • Elderflower Presse - Pink Label
  • Pink lemonade - Pink Label
  • Pornstar martini - Pink Label


Why would I buy this

This bundle includes nearly a months worth of our top pick E-Liquids! It also provides enough coils to last a good few months for each device. This fantastic vape kit comes with enough juices and devices for the both of you, no need to separately buy, get it all in one, shopping for vape products has never been so easy.


What's great about this bundle vape kit?

What's so great about this bundle? You'll be saving a large amount of money when purchasing the Deluxe Quit Smoking Kit. On average, a smoker spends between £100 to £150 on smoking each month meaning they could buy this entire kit twice each month! Each 10ml bottle of e-liquid lasts approximately five days on this device, meaning you're getting just as much nicotine whilst making a huge saving.


About Aspire

Aspire are a well known Chinese vape brand who become established in 2013. They're dedicated to providing high-quality products and world class customer service. They're one of the leading brands within the vaping community.


How to select the right nicotine strength?
  • 0mg
  • Light Nic - 3mg
  • Low Nic - 6mg
  • Medium Nic - 12mg
  • High Nic - 18mg


The Couples Vape Kit.