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A1 Kanthal wire 26 gauge AWG 0.40mm


A1 Kanthal Wire 26 Gauge AWG 0.40mm

Kanthal wire 26 gauge for vaping. A1  - 5 metre reel for rebuildable coils, or for use in Kanger Subtank, Delta 2 or Egrip RBA base. Also can be used in any type of dripper or RDA/Dripper. Ideal for mech mods with this Kanthal wire 26 gauge.

The 26 gauge wire is flexible enough to allow quality coil builds at good resistance levels, to suit most all round kanthal needs. The 26 gauge Kanthal is for our money, the best all round kanthal coil wire for rebuildables, RBAs, Drippers and RDAs.

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice.


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A1 Kanthal Wire 26 Gauge AWG 0.40mm