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Smok Nord 3ml Replacement Pods

by Smok

Smok Nord 3ml Pods | Replacement Pod 3xPack

Smok Nord pods in 3ml available as replacement 3x Pod pack. These 3ml pods work with the Smok Nord Pod Kit

How do I know when to replace the pods?

As the pods work with replacement coils, you can continue to use the pods for a long period of time. You may find that after a while you wish to use different cartridges for different liquid styles. This ensure a fresher more closer aligned vape flavour where you have been using menthols, or CBD eliquid for example.

Looking for replacement coils?

Click here for spare coils for your Smok Nord Pod Kit

Want some advice on how to best use the Smok Nord Pod Kit?

Why not head over to our ultimate vaping guide to find out how to maximise the life of your electronic cigarette vaping kit.